A devoted father, a loving husband to his wife and a beloved son of Isadore Zaslow, Benjamin Zaslow has always had great memories of his own father and does his best to show his own two children how to be a responsible and caring family guy. Ben Zaslow was born and raised in Pennsylvania. His dad worked at the Johnsville Naval Air Development Center (NADC), where the elder Zaslow was involved in the early development of the P3 Antisubmarine Warfare plane as the A-New program Manager from 1962 till 1967. Benjamin Zaslow himself has held positions at Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM), Quantico VA, Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Patuxent River MD, Department of Transportation (FHWA), Washington DC, and finally Department of Energy (DOE), Washington DC.

Ben Zaslow moved to Naples, Italy in 1975 with his family when his father was appointed as the Science Advisor to the Sixth Fleet. Ben’s family got a house in Licola Mare, which is just north of Naples. Benjamin Zaslow completed high school in 1977 at Forrest Sherman High School in Naples, Italy. He keeps a treasure trove of beautiful memories of his time in “Napoli”. These include driving down the Via Domitziana on his moped to report to his first job, which put him in charge of manning the landing craft that plied the Bay of Naples resupplying the carriers when they came in to port for shore leave. Ben Zaslow also fondly recalls the time he spent playing in an Italian wedding band and all the wonderful trips he took throughout Italy and Europe. He cherishes memories of great food, and most especially, great pizza. Ben believes he will go back to Italy to relive those memories, but for now, he pays homage to that time from far off by trying to keep up on his Italian.

Benjamin Zaslow